Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Professions= Profit (Well only if your level 75...)

One of the things that the old game had was that you didn't need to be a certain level to get to the max proffesion skill, However if you do have a level 75 or higher you can max out. This would let you create every expensive epics and enchants (i.e. leatherworking, enchanting, blacksmith, tailoring(Spell threads really popular!)). So if you have 1k gold you can in fact make money its frustrating at first but it works. This at the time will seem very expensive or seem annoying at the time. 4k on arthus on a good day will more than likely get you to 525. However even though it seems your throwing out money its for a better cause.

This is WAY better than farming mats all day just to make 4k! So you can find someone and make a deal to make them their gear that they can sell on the AH or better yet make epics and sell them close to raiding time on some relms new level 85s will usually buy this gear and twink it out.

I knew a guy that spent like 10k to powerlevel his Blacksmithing and Enchanting and then took that and within a month made 100k in profit because he would make items for pallys and hunters and then twink them for a discounted price! these are great ways to make moeny if you don't feel like having a banker or mule to work the Auction House

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